Bhavin Turakhia – Powerhouse of five startups!

 Bhavin Turakhia – Powerhouse of five startups!

Serial entrepreneur and billionaire, Bhavin Turakhia is driven by a passion for problem-solving through technology-led innovations. In the last 22 years, he has built 5 successful businesses, all driven by his belief that “It is our moral obligation to make an impact that is proportionate to our potential”. At 17, he co-founded Resellerclub, LogicBoxes, and BigRock, which he exited in a $160mn transaction in 2014. Today, along with Zeta, he is also heading Radix — a leading registry for top-level extensions and Flock — a suite of productivity apps. I am sure these names are extremely overwhelming but it’s possible because of the promising nature of this entrepreneur.

India is getting digital and is constantly welcoming new technology and automation. In this digital era and the pandemic, times have made all of us realize the fact that technology can really do wonders. In this blog, we will share the story of one such pioneer of a fintech startup. Yes! Start-UPS as this serial entrepreneur have worked and built over five startups in his career. 

Bhavin Turakhia was born and brought up in Mumbai. He completed his junior college from DG Ruparel, followed by a degree from Sydenham College of Commerce. He started off as a science student in Ruparel college and ended up studying for a commerce graduate from Sydenham. Most of the people are astonished to know his age. 

Journey Inception

The spark of entrepreneurship was triggered way before it was a trend. He started at the early age of 17, wherein he worked with his brother Divyank Turakhia and founded Directi. Bhavin Turakhia got his first computer in 1980 when he was 10, and his father had got him close to 40 books on programming. Bhavin Turakhia says he would spend all his free time – short breaks and lunch breaks – on the books. Both of them didn’t have any educational degrees, all they had was one skill- Coding, which helped them to achieve their goals and known as an inspiration for many. They succeed because they earned skills and worked for them. Success comes to you only when you are completely determined and skilled for it. According to Forbes, the Turakhia brothers were millionaires even before they were 20 years old. Their net worth rose to $300 million in their mid-20s. They are among the youngest billionaires in the country. Starting at an age where people don’t even finish their college, he proved that to be an entrepreneur, age doesn’t matter, only passion and enthusiasm does. After a time, even Bhavin Turakhia company name itself raised its expectations that it would be something unique and innovative. 

Work Style

Bhavin Turakhia has a strong opinion that family plays a big role in shaping every individual. Talking about his father, he says, “Everything I am today is in many ways thanks to my father. He used to work from nine to nine every day just to make ends meet.” He also adds that for each startup the driving force has always been hitting the problem from a global overview. All the startups that he has founded have an international presence or were sold overseas. He believed that to create an impact and to generate revenue it is important to simplify at a global level.

Future Plans

Bhavin Turakhia has expansion plans for Zeta. The four-year-old Zeta, which started with Indian banks, and subsequently branched out to countries like Brazil, the Philippines, and Vietnam. But now Turakhia has plans to take Zeta to the US and other European markets like Italy and Spain.

We would like to end it with advice from him:  

“Every adversity is an opportunity in disguise. The effect of Covid has been devastating but entrepreneurs need to identify the right pockets of opportunity in this adversity.”

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