Do what you like doing by Gaurav Dua

In today’s world, landing a job is much easier than following your dreams and making a career out of your passion. In this episode, we bring to you a founder who listened to his heart above everything else.

He followed his instincts and gave up on a secure job. Today, he is running a super successful startup. He has made his passion his profession, and through his startup, Hobit, he enables the people like him to follow their hobbies and learn new things.

Presenting Gaurav Dua, co-founder, and CEO of HOBIT decoding his mantra to success in this episode. So, keep watching

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Gaurav Dua’s story
02:18 About hobit
03:25 Why entrepreneurship?
04:38 How do you define success for Hobit
05:48 Your typical day as an entrepreneur
07:17 Best advice you have received in your life
09:30 Importance of culture
11:37 How do you manage conflicts of thoughts?
14:01 Myth buster related to the startup world
15:23 Co-founders Conflict management
18:08 Skills required to be a great leader
19:10 What mistakes an entrepreneur makes while starting up?
20:52 What if I told my idea to someone and it got leaked?
21:48 Right time to start raising funds?
23:35 Importance of LinkedIn for entrepreneurs?
24:31 How to pick the right VC/Angel investor?
26:45 what makes you keep going in rough times?
28:10 Importance of degrees in the life of a founder?
32:00 Ego destroys a wise startup
32:55 Any parting advice?

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We manifest the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem for enthusiastic entrepreneurs by helping them build their entrepreneurial skills and encouraging them in job creation rather than finding ones. These episodes aim to provide much-needed guidance & motivation among the youth and bridge the knowledge gap.

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