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EP 13 || Aditya Arora || CEO– Faad Network Pvt. Ltd.

In this episode, we introduce you to Aditya Arora, the CEO of Faad Network Pvt. Ltd., an inspiration, a Padma Shri nominee, an angel investor, an influencer, and a lot more. He is an intern turned CEO and has achieved multiple recognitions for his work. He lives by the quote- Age is just a number and what you do with it is what actually matters.

Here, he talks about various aspects of the investing side of the Indian Startup Ecosystem and decodes what the modern-day investors really expect from the modern-day founders.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Introduction

04:00 – What do you look for in a startup?

05:00 – Market & Startups

06:30 – Fundraising Process

09:00 – Amount of fund you must raise

13:00 – Team Evaluation & Negotiations

14:00 – Picking up the right VC

17:00 – Getting 1st meeting with VC

19:00 – Mentoring & Evaluation of Portfolio Startups

21:00 – Customer Acquisition

22:00 – Mistakes in the 1st meeting

24:30 – Must-haves in Financial Model

26:00 – Learnings from the journey

27:30- Parting Advice

29:00- Thank you

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We manifest the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem for enthusiastic entrepreneurs by helping them build their entrepreneurial skills and encouraging them in job creation rather than finding ones. These episodes aim to provide much-needed guidance & motivation among the youth and bridge the knowledge gap.

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