Don’t chase just big names. The MENTOR should be RIGHT-FIT

EP 9 || Dr. Jyoti Joshi || Founder- Kroop AI
In this episode of Founder Stories, we introduce you to Dr. Jyoti Joshi, the co-founder of Kroop AI, who is trying to spread awareness about the severity of Deep Fakes. Dr. Jyoti Joshi has been into research for over a decade and now has entered the Startup ecosystem. Living in Australia, she manages her research and family along with her startup in India. So let’s listen to her experience and learnings so far.

Time Stamps
00:00 – Introduction
01:36 – What is DeepFakes?
03:30 – How did you come up with this idea?
05:30 – How was this idea perceived by the investors?
06:20 – How to create a need for an innovative solution/product?
07:30 – What attracted you towards entrepreneurship?
10:11 – Is this idea ahead of its time?/ is this the best time to enter the market?
10:00 – How does your typical day look like?
13:13 – How did you acquire your first set of customers?
15:30 – Women entrepreneurship in India
17:30 – How to choose a mentor?
20:20 – How do you manage to work with your co-founders in different time zones?
22:10 – How did you meet your co-founders?
25:00 – Must-haves in a co-founder
27:00 – Is WFH culture feasible for budding entrepreneurs?
31:00 – Experience with 100x VC
34:00 – Parting Advice
35:45 – Thank you

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Your customers are your true MENTORS


We manifest the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem for enthusiastic entrepreneurs by helping them build their entrepreneurial skills and encouraging them in job creation rather than finding ones. These episodes aim to provide much-needed guidance & motivation among the youth and bridge the knowledge gap.

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