EP 2 || Nikhil Jain, Founder – Foreignadmits.com

He is a Ph.D. drop-out from Monash University, who now mentors hundreds of aspiring students and has paved the ways for them to succeed. Inspite of knowing the “theory and concepts” of entrepreneurship he dove into it and learned from his mistakes. From a young age, he portrayed the characteristics of an entrepreneur by finding out opportunities and coming up with ways to exploit them with the limited resources he had. Let’s listen to him and know more about his journey.


00:00​ – Introduction

04:00​ – Importance of having a co-founder

06:40​ – How to validate an Idea?

17:40​ – How do you manage your community ranging from students to mentors and foreign colleges.

21:25​ – The best time to launch an MVP and to evolved it overtime

27:00​ – How does one know that it’s the right time to start a business.

32:00​ – How does somebody research about different kinds of scholarships.

35:20​ – Importance of doing MBA

38:00​ – Key resources required by a startup in today’s world

– The VC Stories

EP 1 || Hamza Sayed, Founder – The Comic Book Store



We manifest the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem for enthusiastic entrepreneurs by helping them build their entrepreneurial skills and encouraging them in job creation rather than finding ones. These episodes aim to provide much-needed guidance & motivation among the youth and bridge the knowledge gap.

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