EP 5 || Omkar Pandharkame || Founder – Bhyve

EP 5 || Omkar Pandharkame || Founder – Bhyve

First-time entrepreneurs are usually scared and unsure and hence, look for mentors. But, often are disappointed. Its time for some harsh truths. In this episode, we introduce OMKAR PANDHARKAME, co-founder of BHyve who reveals the loopholes in the ecosystem and gives you strategies to overcome them.

Time stamps

00:00 – Introduction

01:13 – How did you choose the name “BHyve”?

02:54 – Idea Generation Process

05:22 – When and how to create Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

07:47 – Essentials to launch Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

09:42 – From where did the entrepreneurial spirit come?

12:37 – How did you get your first set of customers?

15:40 – What are the loopholes in the Indian Startup Ecosystem? (Truth about Mentoring)

21:17 – Importance of a co-founder and how can we meet a co-founder?

28:20 – Traits that aspiring entrepreneurs must have (Tips)

37:22 – Tips to make pitch deck, raising funds, etc.

41:12 – Parting Advice and Job Opportunity

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