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Changing scenario for Women in Startup Ecosystem

EP 10 || Sujata Pawar || Founder- AvniIn this episode of Founder Stories, we introduce you to Sujata Pawar, the co-founder of Avni focused on transforming the image of menstruation in society. The aim is to foster healthy and environment-friendly periods among women. She is a woman devoted to the upliftment of women’s health.Avni has […]Read More

Your customers are your true MENTORS

EP 8 || Abhishek Chaudhary || Founder- DataKundIn this episode of Founder Stories, we introduce you to Abhishek Chaudhary, the founder of DataKund, who is trying to automate your daily tasks using bots. He has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have a business since class 9th. This is what passion for entrepreneurship looks like. […]Read More

Focus on finding the RIGHT PROBLEM, you will end up

EP 7 || Parth Jaimani || Co-Founder – Cre Club In this episode, we introduce you to Parth Jaimani, the cofounder of CRE CLUB, who is building India’s first social capital payment method allowing users to pay by social media posts at the point of sale. He talks about how entrepreneurs and startups can identity […]Read More

Do you need a Degree to have a successful Start-up?

EP 6 || Rohith Namboothiri || Founder – Inzpira  In this episode, we introduce you to an amazing founder who defied societal norms of what a child’s life should be and built his first startup at age 15. We are in conversation with Rohith Namboothiri (Founder – Inzpira) who started his entrepreneurial journey to have delicious […]Read More

EP 5 || Omkar Pandharkame || Founder – Bhyve

EP 5 || Omkar Pandharkame || Founder – Bhyve First-time entrepreneurs are usually scared and unsure and hence, look for mentors. But, often are disappointed. Its time for some harsh truths. In this episode, we introduce OMKAR PANDHARKAME, co-founder of BHyve who reveals the loopholes in the ecosystem and gives you strategies to overcome them. […]Read More

EP 4 || Not Having a co-founder, decreases the odds

Amit Kumar – Founder – Quizy In this episode, we are featuring an amazing entrepreneur. We are in conversation with Amit Kumar who co-founded his startup Quizy with his friend Sachin Yadav.  In this episode, we dive deep into the following topics:   Timestamps   00:00 – Introduction  03:40 – Right time to launch MVP  05:45 – Importance […]Read More

EP 3 || Deepak Meena, Co-Founder – Flyzy

Deepak Meena, Co-Founder – Flyzy Deepak, a hardworking young boy from a decent household, had always dreamt of doing something of his own. And today, he has made that dream come true. He has a well-running startup known by the name Flyzy, which he started during his graduation from IIT Guwahati. Timestamps 00:00 – Introduction 02:28 – How […]Read More

EP 2 || Nikhil Jain, Founder –

He is a Ph.D. drop-out from Monash University, who now mentors hundreds of aspiring students and has paved the ways for them to succeed. Inspite of knowing the “theory and concepts” of entrepreneurship he dove into it and learned from his mistakes. From a young age, he portrayed the characteristics of an entrepreneur by finding […]Read More

EP 1 || Hamza Sayed, Founder – The Comic Book

He is a 24-year-old college drop-out who has won Forbes Top 30 under 30 and has broken the stereotype that your degrees define you. He observed a gap in demand and supply of comics in India, in spite of having the second-largest fanbase and established The Comic Book Store. Let’s listen to him and know […]Read More